(we promise we won't paint you green)

We fuse talent development and content production with packaging and management. We answer the accelerating demands of MEDIA everywhere and the personality brands that drive it.


We work with every kind of talent. Some are emerging like newborns into a world of wonder and danger, some already have millions of followers watching them or reading them daily, some are subject matter experts talking on the TED stage, and some are corporate executives wooing Wall Street investors or leading ambitious organizations working to change our world.


(success starts inside then works its way out)

inside > We first connect our clients to their highest potential. We assess what to develop, where to focus our coaching, and how can we leverage their authentic talent to successfully fuel their ambition. This goes for corporate executives and organizations too. This internal development is critical to success. And it provides the framework for how we produce and package their offer in the most compelling way.

outside > Then it's show time. We connect our clients to brands, networks, influencers and partners. After we pitch them and the deal is done, we continue to manage these relationships while generating new ones. Growing revenue and building our clients' media platforms -
we love it.


(things that come in threes are inherently funner, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things)

There isn't anybody like them out there. They are a powerhouse of energy - shooting a video in the morning, orchestrating a media buy that afternoon. Twitter parties, facebook campaigns, product launches, coaching TV talent, like the Nickelodeon Kids and the scientists on Discovery, yesterday they called me from Hong Kong where they were coaching corporate exectives. Whew! --MISHAWN NOLAN, NH Strategic

Today everybody is in the business of media, from innovators and entertainers to niche experts and corporations. Hello, even the organic farmer can benefit from posting a YouTube video.


  • Talent Incubation
  • Media Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Image Consulting
  • Content Creation


  • Broadcast Digital Content
  • Sales Integration
  • Media Strategy
  • Production
  • Social Media, PR


  • Sponsorships
  • Publishing
  • Endorsements
  • Negotiations
  • Productions, Events


It starts from inside and works its way out. It is a way of being. It is the chemistry and the embodiment of something extraordinary within an individual that is destined to become compelling and seductive to others in every kind of media. When an individual's talent is aligned with their personal objectives and a big picture strategy-the result is a success story. It is undeniable.